Our Scary Location

Our Scary Faces

Just some friendly mid October tips for any sacrifices going to any Haunted Attraction.

1. Please be prepared to wait in line for a while if you show up past an hour after opening. While we sacrifice our victims as quickly as possible...we do have to clean up the blood before the next ones get to us. Some attractions have timed ticketing, some have virtual queue lines. This means you are able to wait comfortably in your vehicle. Bring a snack, enjoy being out of the house with friends, bring a tablet to watch a scary movie!

2. Please be courteous to the staff. They are there to answer questions and to try to help you if possible. Things that are beyond their control include how long the line is, and the wait times. Those are controlled by you, our sacrifices. We can only guess how long its going to take you to get through...if you survive. If we could use cattle prods, that might change things, but management has frowned upon that idea. They leave that weird electric aftertaste.

3. Do not! I repeate DO NOT strike our monsters or destroy our property. We work very hard to give you a fun, scary way to sacrifice yourself. Monsters work hard to give you a good time, and a lot of effort goes into creating the atmosphere. YOU ARE ON CAMERA you bought tickets..we have your name, we know when you go through. Just because you have a mask on...we know its you. You WILL be visited by some friendly police officers if you violate #3. (We genuinely care about your experience, please take pride in respecting the people trying to provide you a good time!)

4. Enjoy yourself and your surroundings! Be there to have a good time, and be courteous to your fellow sacrifeces.

5. Know that every Haunted Attraction out there is busy this time of year. We totally appreciate your patronage!! You are the reason we do what we do!! We all do our best to put on a good show, and every opening weekend we are terrified you won't like what we've put together for you. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your support!