We are BACK for 2020!

From all of us at the Edson Incident we welcome you to join us for our 2020 season!

As you can guess, this year will be different from all others. The Edson Incident is committed to your safety first and foremost.

With this in mind, we have had to rethink our entire attraction. So what is new at the Edson Incident? We will give you a brief walk-through of what to expect.

                                                                            Covid-19 and the Edson Incident

Dates: The Edson Incident will be open Fridays and Saturdays from September 18th through October 31st, and Sunday October 25th.

Before purchasing tickets: Make sure you read the rules and restrictions before you purchase.

Tickets: We are asking everyone to please purchase tickets online. We are going to use a virtual line this season so each night’s tickets will be limited. Yes, we can still take cash, but we would rather minimize your exposure and the ticket booth's exposure.

Arrival: Once you arrive you will check in and enter our virtual queue line. You will stay in your vehicle until your group is notified on your phone to enter the physical line. (Not standing in the rain is a plus!)

Physical Line: Put on your mask and exit your vehicle. Your group will line up on designated spots. These spots are there to meet mandated social distancing requirements. Once you reach the front of the line, your tickets will be scanned, and directions will be given.

The Ship: Before you enter the ship, there will be a sanitizing station for you to sanitize your hands. There are many handrails you will have to touch, so sanitizing your hands is a requirement.

The attraction: The Edson Incident has changed a lot of things for this season. There are new sets, new sounds, new props, and more Darkness! We are excited to see our old and claim some new victims this season!

This is just a brief overview of what is going on at the Edson Incident. We believe even with the restrictions in place that you will have a good time on board the Edson, and we appreciate all the wonderful support! The TERROR on your face makes it all worth the effort. Thank you!